Annual Fee ($2700.00 For First Location, Adjusted Annually) Monthly Payments Available, For $250

New Member Kit (Included With The First Monthly Payment)
Sub-Affiliated Academies Up To 5 Locations - Monthly Fee US$ 250 *(40% commission to Head Affiliated Academy)

Online Access

Access Code To All Updated Affiliation Videos On Website

Academy Page On Website With Link

Welcome Shoutout On Social Media

Access To Exclusive Affiliates Only Video Class Taught By Prof. Maia

Belt Test Evaluation Video By DMBJJ Senior Instructor’s Team (Us$50)

* The Instructor Should Be At Least Gold Status Rank To Apply The Test. 

DMBJJ Affiliate Online Store Access

For all members

Yearly Member’s Only Workshop

Special Seminar Discounted Prices 

New Member Starting Package

DMJJ Official Gi

Set Of Patches

Fundamentals I (Complete starting course)

Belt Ranking Poster

Poster (Prof. Demian Maia, Gm. Carlos Gracie And Gm. Helio Gracie)

Poster (DMBJJ)

Set Of Window & Bumper Stickers


Participation on yearly DMBJJ Workshop

*mandatory 01 instructor per academy

*Hosted on academy in the US

Affiliate Academy

$600 Includes Ticket For 2 Persons 

*Including Main Instructor

$300 Extra Ticket For Academy Student (Blue Belt And Up)

Workshop Host (affiliate academy)

Workshop (When Hosted By Affiliated Academy)

$600 Includes Ticket For 4 Persons 

5 Hotel Nights (2 Rooms) - Based On Average Price Of 4 Star Hotels Within 5 Miles Radius From Workshop Location

Workshop Host (affiliate academy) + Seminar

Workshop (When Hosted By Affiliated Academy) 

*With Prof. Maia’s Seminar

Includes Free Tickets For 4 Persons

5 Hotel Nights (2 Rooms) - Based On Average Price Of 4 Star Hotels Within 5 Miles Radius From Workshop Location

Team Uniform

Mandatory Team Uniform Available At Online Store

*All Products Have To Be Purchased At Official DMBJJ Online Store
Official DMBJJ Gi Or Patches Displayed According To Association Rules and Official Rash-Guard

All products can be purchased directly by academy student, except set of 02 patches, which are sold in packages of 25 sets and can be only purchased by the affiliate academy.

All students must wear an official DMBJJ gi, or other gis, with official DMBJJ patches. Patches have to be displayed on the back of the jacket and upper leg on the pants.

First Year Kickstart Program & Knowledge Base

Fundamentals I Course

How To Conduct The First Class

How To Run An Advanced Class

How To Promote Students Instructors Certification

1X Us$1000 Or Us$100 Monthly Fee First Year ($1200) With Balance On Conclusion 

*Held during yearly DMBJJ Workshop

*First year to accomplish

Online Certifications (For Affiliated Academies Only) 

*Available in 2020

Academy Management


Business Practice

Academy Visual Communication And Signage 

Student Retention Methods

Top Academy Certification 

Fundamentals II

Important Techniques That Are Not In Fundamentals 1

Concepts of Control in BJJ

Principles On Controlling The Opponent

Improving The Efficiency Of The Controls 

Weight Distribution 

Angle Variations